Our job

CONCERNING ARGOS Our company, SICAME international group subsidiary, answers to theincreasing demand of the world market for lightning protection and earthingsystems solutions. ARGOS has for aim to propose to its customers a large range, with quality and competitive prices. Our teams serve you as a guarantee a local service, because each project is unique, we offer you a particular and personalized attention. We build with our customers a confidence and a long term relation. 
OUR MISSION Our mission is answering to your standard products needs, but also to particular requests proposing you adapted solutions, warranting our products quality and liability and this with the best prices of the market !

  OUR VISION We wish have a position of major leader of Lightning protection and earthing systems market obtaining the full satisfaction and confidence of our customers. OUR VALUESCloseness and reactivity, each customer is unique and its needs as well, we have then a personal approach in order to understand the needs of each to satisfy them fully. Our world presence (Head office in France and offices in Latin America, Asia and Africa) is proof of reactivity and our will to be closedto our partners.

Innovation:  Listening to needs and market evolution, our job consists also in being actor of the sector advances  and in proposing to our customer’s last generation products.

 Commitment: More  than being a customer, you are a partner; we make a commitment with you in your project success. We make our technical study, know-how and experience of our skilled and devoted teams available to you.

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