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Lighting Conductors (NF C 17-102)

Saint-Elme : piezo electric system (SE6 to SE15).

Active1D®: Unique electronic excitation device.

Active2D®: Double electronic excitation device.

All Early Streamer Emission lightning conductors are tested in compliance with NF C 17-102 standard.

The radius of protection Rp (m) values for the 4 levels of Np protection according to the real "h" height of the lightning rod regarding to the different plans to protect.








Pruebas de conformidad efectuadas por el LCIE, en conformidad con la guía UTE C 17-106/2001. The impact controller or lightning counter is designed for detecting and counting lightning strikesreceived by the structures equipped with lightning conductors.Totally autonomous and does not need external power supply. The counter is delivered with 2AFJ0819RL collars.

Counter compulsory for protected sites (decree of January 15th, 2008) recommended for Expertises and Insurances Companies).  


Material: ABS


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